About Us

As owner and director of Above Grade Level tutoring of Delaware and Chester counties, Karen Davis is an experienced classroom teacher with a fervent desire to bring out the best in students, to instill in them real-life skills, and to help prepare them for their futures.  She holds the conviction that all students can achieve academic success.

Whatever the academic environment-public school, private school, charter school, or homeschool – the goal is not surviving.  The goal is thrivingAbove Grade Level’s outstanding tutors help students achieve exactly that.  They don’t settle for “getting by” or “struggling”; they strive for 100% mastery of a subject, and they have the multi-sensory curriculum and proven methods to back it up.  Imagine the confidence it gives a child to achieve beyond his or her own expectations!

Karen brings to the tutoring profession 17 years of experience as an educator combined with 15 years of experience in business ownership/management.  She earned American Board Certification for Teachers with a “Highly Distinguished” rating, in addition to Pennsylvania state certification, with a “Highly Qualified Educator” rating. Karen has successfully completed concentrated studies in best practices in mastery learning. She is experienced with Honors/Enrichment levels of learning, college prep, and remedial level learning.

With a heart to serve young people and a desire to “raise the bar” on academic excellence, Karen has found few careers as rewarding as teaching.  She and her team of tutors are devoted not only to teaching students, but to reaching them as well.  That requires the investment of time and compassion in getting to know students as individuals: their goals, their unique learning styles, and their areas of both strength and weakness. Above Grade Level’s one-to-one tutoring support is absolutely the most effective way to reach students and guide them toward achieving their fullest potential.


Our full list of staff profiles is currently being updated.


  • Master of Arts in Spanish
  • Master of Science in Nonprofit Organization Leadership
  • Bachelor of Arts in Spanish
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science


  • Bachelor of Arts in English
  • Professional Editor – Edited portions of Dr. Ben Carson’s book


  • Masters degree in English (In Progress)
  • Film screenwriter
  • SAT prep – ELA


  • Master of Education (In progress)
  • Bachelor of Science in Communications


  • Bachelor of Science in Education
  • Concentration in Early Education


  • Bachelor of Science in Education – Secondary Math Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Education – Secondary Special Education
  • Certification in Special Education PK-8
  • Alumnus of WCU Honors College
  • Bachelor of Science in Education – Honors College of WCU
    Certified Special Education
  • Assistant Teacher for students with disabilities
  • 8 years tutoring experience up to AP level: Physics, Chemistry, high- level math, SAT/ACT/AP exam prep

Mary Jean (MJ)

  • Education – Curriculum & Instruction
  • Distinguished Honors – Graduate program, Penn State
  • Certified Principal
  • Certified Teacher K-6