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Are evenings more like a war-zone at your house?

Are evenings more like a war-zone at your house? When schedules permit, consider instituting a “Homework before Dinner” routine.   By the time kids have unwound from school, had dinner,... Read More
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Tutoring in Exton PA

  In-Home Tutoring Programs that work! Guaranteed!   K-12th Grade / 1-to-1, in your own home Testing & Curriculum that target skill gaps Gifted/Accelerated Programs Math Skills English Language Arts/Reading…

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Spider spins web that can hold the weight of a human

These are not your friendly neighborhood spiders: scientists have mixed a graphene solution that when fed to spiders allows them to spin super-strong webbing. How strong? Strong enough to carry... Read More
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Chester County Tutoring

The gift of success lasts a lifetime! Give your child a very special gift: success in school—and a boost in confidence.   Pick up the phone and call us! Your…

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The school year is almost here!

It’s August. Summer is drawing to a close, and families with kids are beginning to transition to back-to-school mode.  Just imagine the boost of confidence it would be for students to…

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Child Grooming & Abduction – A True Story.

Jim decided to share the story of how his daughter was groomed and abducted by pedophiles, in order to help other children and parents.   “Her mother and I divorced…

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Debt Disaster for Students

  The front page of a recent issue of the Daily Local News (July 30, 2017) ran a Special Report in the wake of this month’s hike in student loan…

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Healthy recipe for kids: Chocolate and oats lollipops

You won’t find the need to stop your kids from eating these healthy lollipops. Keeping kids away from chocolates and candy is almost next to impossible. They just can’t settle…

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How to increase your chances of College Scholarships

With average college tuition’s having quadrupled in recent years—in large part a result of the ease of obtaining government student loans—excellent SAT or ACT scores can be a student’s salvation…

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Lionville YMCA Healthy Kids Day

Healthy Kids Day May 2017 Above Grade Level  had a great day supporting the YMCA and supporting summer program.  We spent time talking to parents about the benefits to tutoring…

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