I have been very pleased with the professionalism, quality, and overall experience of using Above Grade Level. The manager is professional and follows up on that which is promised. Our tutor is outstanding...shows up on time always, pleasant, great attitude, very knowledgeable, etc.

Sharon H Outstanding tutor service for daughter SAT Prep

We have been incredibly happy with the work your Mary has been doing with our Mary. Her test scores have been improving, and her studying seems to be getting easier.

S GIncredibly happy

We currently use this service and would highly recommend it. Our tutor, John, is very patient and helpful. He explains concepts in ways that are easy to understand. He helped my son with SAT prep, and he feels much more confident and better prepared.

Michele MHighly recommended

I've been meaning to reach out to you to tell you how well our daughter is doing in Spanish class. She has been excelling and feels confident with her studies and currently has a solid "A" in the class. Thank you again so much for finding the perfect tutor for her, it was a great fit!

Maria S The perfect tutor

We were both fluent in Spanish in the distant past but really needed a refresher before traveling to South America. Our tutor, Michelle, has been very adaptive. In the first lessons, she established our needs and our past and present levels. She has presented good vocabulary words and used them.


As a freshman entering a new school, I felt it necessary to be confident in all aspects of my education, including Spanish. I had taken the language for three years, however my experience was insufficient compared to what was required of me at my new school. My parents looked into tutors with some friends of ours, and Above Grade Level was the most practical and efficient option. Mrs. Davis, the director of Above Grade Level, was extremely helpful in planning and organizing my three week session. She connected my friends and I with a tutor, and tailored the program to fit our individual needs. Our tutor, Michelle, was very knowledgable and fluent in the language. All of my questions and misunderstandings were clarified, and after the program, I felt more confident and comfortable with Spanish. I learned more of the language through this three week session than through my entire three years of class! We covered all of Spanish I, including reading and writing exercises, daily quizzes, a midterm, and a final. Michelle went out of her way to find the Downingtown School District Curriculum, and the tests that those students took as well. This course truly exceeded my expectations, and I'm well prepared for high school and Spanish II.

Angelia SExceptional Program