Skill Evaluation

Student Skill Evaluation

Above Grade Level’s Diagnostic Skill Evaluation for students is the “golden egg” of the education world!

Our research-based diagnostic evaluation is an innovative tool that drives long-term, measurable academic success.

 – Our diagnostic skill assessments are extremely detailed and highly accurate. They utilize cutting-edge, adaptive technology—meaning that the tests actually adapt to a student’s answers as the student is taking the test!

 – Our evaluations are independently verified and validated, and the materials our tutors use have been created by recognized, reliable independent sources. This should give you great confidence that your student’s learning is in capable, qualified hands.

 – While other national tutoring centers often use their own, “home-grown” evaluations, Above Grade Level uses the same evaluation that has been trusted by hundreds of schools across America and over 4 million students worldwide.

What does all this mean for your student? It means that we can create a customized lesson plan for your child that is amazingly accurate. It means that lesson plans for your child focus on his or her greatest needs: gaps in their knowledge or skills. It means that your child is not growing bored going over concepts that he or she has already mastered. Best of all, it means that your child will make rapid progress—and that is a wonderful way for your child to build confidence!

Although our program is geared toward mastering skills and concepts that help your child achieve success in the long run, we understand that students often have immediate needs to perform well on an upcoming test, paper, or project. Our tutors are more than happy to help a student with an immediate assignment. Achieving short-term success is one more valuable way for your child to build confidence.